Double Hand or Footprint Stamp


Inject some fun into signing your birthday and Christmas cards with my brand new personalised stamps!

These cool stamps showcase your very own unique hand and/or footprints and names all mounted on tulip wood. Great for little people and big people alike.

Are you a parent dreading writing out 30 Christmas cards for all of your toddler’s nursery friends or battling with your little one to get them to write their name 30 times!  We’ve all been there, I have worn that t-shirt several times!

This year it can be fun though.  Your children will love stamping their name and handprint in all of their Christmas cards.  Use it as a reward, once they have written the child’s name the card is for they can then use their personalised stamp to finish it off 🙂



The beautiful tulip wood blocks have been manufactured exclusively for Cheeky Little Prints and have a lovely grain and colour patterns. The blocks are shaped with a curve to make them easy to hold.

Stamps can be used with any high street ink pad so you can have lots of fun with different colours.  Up to 13 characters can fit on the double stamp.  If the names of your children and kisses exceed this you may need to order 2 individual stamps please.

Once you place your order I will send you 2 inkless hand/footprint print kits, one for each person (within 48 hours) so you can take your special hand/footprints.  The kit is very easy to use and mess free!  Simply send a photo or scan of your unique hand/footprints to and you can indicate if you have a favourite print.  Don’t worry if your prints smudge a little as I can tidy them up and crop out any extra fingerprints etc so you get a nice clear print!  If you have more than one child, take a look at the double hand/footprint stamp too.

Stamps are approx.  50mm x 35mm and 18mm deep.

Stamps are usually ready in 7 days from when I receive your prints and posted 1st class.

If you want to clean your stamp you can use a little bit of water and soap and a soft scrubbing brush, but they shouldn’t need cleaning very often.