Hand & Footprint Kit


Capture your loved one’s unique hand/footprints with this quick and no mess, inkless kit.  The kit is safe to use with babies all the way up to your Great Grandparents or even Great Great Grandparents!  To date the oldest person I have taken a print from is a 100 year old lady!

So many people get too busy with life and simply don’t get around to having prints taken, it’s not intentional, life just gets in the way!  I am very passionate about helping you capture your special memories now and not putting it off. By having a print taken now you are capturing your child or loved one’s special print at a happy time.

With your kit you will also get a discount code so you can get 10% off personalised stamps, gifts and jewellery!




I’d love to keep in touch and share with you some helpful tips and incredible stories!  If you haven’t already joined via the pop up, you can simply use the form at the bottom of any website page after completing checkout.  Your kit will be sent to you by 1st class post within 48 hours of you placing your order.

Once you have the print(s), you keep the originals and simply send a photo or scan of the prints to me via email (lisa@webdevswindon.co.uk).  I will keep a digital copy of the print(s) safe for you so that if in the future you would like something created with that print you can just contact me to discuss what you would like made and get started   This is also great for those surprise gifts too… Why not get your prints taken now in advance and then when your next special occasion is approaching you can contact me to place an order in secret and surprise your partner or other family members!

What’s not to love, capture your special prints today for the very affordable price of £5 and get 10% off personalised stamps, gifts and jewellery.  Order your kit now.