Triple Personalised Paw Print Stamp


Do you always draw a little paw print for each of your pets when you sign birthday and Christmas cards?

Well now you can sign cards with all of your pet’s actual paw prints!  Our popular personalised stamps showcase your precious pet’s unique paw prints and their names all mounted on tulip wood.  These beautiful tulip wood blocks have been manufactured exclusively for Cheeky Little Prints and have lovely grain and colour patterns.  The blocks are shaped with a curve to make them easy to hold.

Stamps can be used with any high street ink pad.  Why not add a black ink pad to your order below so you are ready to get stamping as soon as your personalised stamp arrives!

Be sure to add some gorgeous gift tags to your basket as well so you can personalise them with your pawsome paw print stamp!

Take a look at the video below showing you how to capture your pet’s unique paw prints.


Please provide the name of your pet below and indicate if you would like a kiss ‘x’ after their name. Please take care with spelling as this information will be used to create your personalised stamp.

Ink pad * 

Add a black ink pad to your order so you are ready to go and get stamping as soon as your personalised stamp arrives! Price includes a little extra to cover the additional postage when you order stamp and ink pad together. Ink pad is £3, additional postage is 70p

Gift tags * 

Add some gorgeous gift tags to your basket so you can personalise your gifts with your furbaby’s unique paw prints.


How to take your pet’s paw print with an inkless paw print kit at home

Triple stamps can fit up to 23 characters.  If your pet’s names and kisses exceed this you may need to order a single and double stamp instead.

Once you place your order we will send you 3 inkless paw print kits, one for each pet (within 48 hours) so you can take your special paw prints.  The kits are very easy to use and mess free!  Simply upload a photo of your unique paw prints to the website and you can indicate if you have a favourite print.  Don’t worry if your prints smudge a little as we can tidy them up and crop out any extra furry bits and fingerprints etc so you get a nice clear print!

Stamps are approx.  75mm x 35mm and 18mm deep.

Stamps are usually ready to post 7 days after print approval.

If you would like to clean your stamp you can use a little bit of water, soap and a soft scrubbing brush, but it shouldn’t need cleaning very often.  Try to avoid getting the stamp very wet as the label might go a bit soggy!