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Silver star necklace with baby footprint

Keep your pet with you forever with our stunning silver paw print and cremation ashes jewellery…










Imagine keeping a part of your pet with you forever… so you are never apart… you always feel they are with you, even during those times when they aren’t by your side purring and wagging their excited tails.

How would that make you feel?


Happy, secure, connected, close to your pet and most of all loved.  Loved in the special way that only your pet can love you.


Lisa at Cheeky Little Prints is a specialist in capturing your special memories so they last for a lifetime and beyond.  With bespoke silver paw print and cremation ashes jewellery, you can now keep a part of your pet forever, close to your heart for eternity.

Silver heart charm bead jewellery with pet cremation ashes

Inkless paw print kits can be used at any time.


After experiencing the sudden loss of her young tabby cat Tiger, Lisa is very passionate about encouraging as many pet owners as possible to capture their furry friend’s unique prints now.  We always think we have another day, week, or year with our pets, but sometimes we don’t.


With over 13 years’ experience Lisa is ideally positioned to advise you on the best gifts, keepsakes and jewellery designs, so feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat.  Cheeky Little Prints are based in Swindon, Wiltshire and deliver worldwide.


Read what our pawsome customers are saying about us over on TrustPilot

Lisa and cat with award trophy for paw print jewellery customer care

Expert in Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery


Established since early 2009 Lisa is an expert in keepsake and memorial jewellery.  Every piece of bespoke jewellery is handcrafted to order, fully customisable and delivered with award winning customer care.


Fast Delivery

Inkless paw print kits are posted within 48 hours of you placing your order.  Lisa can also send Special Delivery if you need your kit in a hurry.


Personalised paw print stamps are posted 7-10 days after paw print approval.


Free Special Delivery on all jewellery with quick 14 day turnaround time – faster than many other jewellery companies.  Bespoke jewellery is posted 14 days after paw print approval or receiving your pet’s precious fur or cremation ashes.


In a hurry, take advantage of the express service option and have your finished paw print jewellery posted 7 days after paw print approval (additional £35).


Environmentally friendly


Did you know that every piece of stunning sterling silver paw print and pad print jewellery is handcrafted from recycled silver.  Ordering sustainable jewellery such as this helps to save our environment.


Finishing Touches


Every piece of bespoke jewellery is beautifully presented with a complimentary gift box, gift bag and polishing cloth so you can always keep your jewellery sparkling.

Silver paw print cufflinks with special message my paws always with yours
Tabby cat with paw prints

Lisa has been capturing your special memories in unique jewellery for over 13 years.  It has been an honour and a pleasure to create every single piece of bespoke jewellery and Lisa is looking forward to capturing many more memories for you.  Discover Lisa’s story and meet the team behind Cheeky Little Prints…

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