COVID-19 UPDATE 20.09.2020

Just a little update to reassure you, as things are changing all the time.

We are continuing to take all the precautions possible to keep everyone safe, working from home, using the Post Office drop and go service to limit time in the Post Office, correct sanitising and hand washing when out and at home dealing with post etc. Mask wearing in shops etc although we hardly visit anywhere.

We have stocked up on all of our supplies and materials earlier than usual this year for Christmas just in case our supply chains are affected by any local or national lockdowns that may be required. In the event that we do run low on certain supplies and can’t get them we will of course let you know as soon as possible.

Ordering earlier rather than later is strongly advised as always but now more than ever with regard to supplies and also any potential postal delays we may experience.

As we operate mostly online you won’t really notice any difference in our service. The company we collaborate with for some of our gifts are local and allowing collections, alternatively they can deliver to us like they did in lockdown so there shouldn’t be any interruption in service there either.

Post wise, things seem to be operating as usual in the UK and internationally at the moment, should that change we will inform you of any longer than expected delivery times.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you 🐾


Your pet is your world, and ours too…

Personalised paw print gifts, stamps & stunning sterling silver paw print jewellery

Do you wish you could keep a part of your pet with you wherever you go?

Here at Cheeky Little Prints we believe pets are truly part of the family and we are here to help you capture your furbaby’s unique paw print with our easy to use, inkless paw print kits.  Our kits can be used at any time and we are very passionate about encouraging as many pet owners as possible to catpure their pet’s paw prints now, please don’t wait.  We always get very sad when owners say to us they wish they had captured their pet’s paw print while they had the chance.  Inkless paw print kits make a thoughtful birthday gift or stocking filler for your pet owning friends and family 🙂

Once you have captured your pet’s paw prints we can then open your eyes to a world of possibilities with the range of beautiful personalised gifts and stunning sterling silver jewellery we can create for you showcasing your furbaby’s unique paw print forever.  Cheeky Little Prints are specialists in creating personalised gifts and jewellery for pet owners.

Offering a wide variety from stand alone inkless paw print kits to personalised paw print stamps so you can sign cards with your pet’s unique paw print as well as mugs, water bottles and Christmas decorations. For pet owners looking for a truly special memory/gift, our stunning range of sterling silver jewellery showcasing your pet’s unique paw print is a must!

With over 10 years’ experience we are ideally positioned to advise you on the best gifts, keepsakes and jewellery designs, so feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat.  Cheeky Little Prints are based in Swindon, Wiltshire and deliver worldwide.



Stamps & Personalised Gifts despatched 7 - 10 days after print approval.

Standard Jewellery Delivery Free 14 days after print approval.

Express Jewellery Service (additional £15) order despatched 7 days after print approval.



Free gift box & gift bag.

Free polishing cloth to keep jewellery sparkling.

Jewellery ready in 14 days. Express service available.



Print kits despatched within 48 hours.