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Losing your pet is devastating and we all find comfort in different ways.  I have been creating pet memorial jewellery through Cheeky Little Prints since 2012.  Having your pet’s paw print in silver, to keep forever, means you always have your pet with you, forever.  The deep bond, love and memories you share will never be lost when you have your pet’s unique paw print in beautiful timeless silver.


I know from both personal experience of my own grief and from talking to many pet parents that pet memorial jewellery can bring so much comfort especially during those times when you need it most.  Having something tangible, right there with you, to touch and hold helps give reassurance when you feel so empty inside and long for that feeling of connection with your treasured pet.


Through many years of experience with Cheeky Little Prints and being a Veterinary Nurse many years ago, I am ideally positioned to look after you with care and compassion.  I understand you may find it difficult to talk on the phone, so please feel free to email any questions you may have.  Alternatively, you may wish to hear a friendly caring voice on the phone who will listen to you and want to hear all about your pet.  Get in touch in whatever way is best for you.


Tiger sleeping

Tiger sleeping

Veterinary Hospitals

I collaborate with veterinary hospitals and practices including Drove Veterinary Hospital, Eastcott Veterinary Hospital and Purton Veterinary Practice in Swindon.  You can find jewellery samples, information and paw print kits at these vets.  Clients who have to sadly say goodbye to their pet can request paw prints be taken so they have the option of having pet memorial jewellery created.


If your pet is looked after by another veterinary practice, just get in touch and you can order a Paw Print Kit to capture your pet’s unique paw prints.  Once you have paw prints, please email a photo of them to [email protected].  I strongly advise against posting in case they are lost in transit.  Your pet’s precious paw prints will be checked and any extra furry bits tidied up before emailing you clearer paw prints that you can keep forever.


I understand this is a very difficult time and you may not know what jewellery pieces you would like created, but that is not a problem.  Once paw prints have been captured they can be kept and used to make pet memorial jewellery whenever you would like, you do not have to make any decisions now.  If you have any questions please contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you.


pet memorial - regular sterling silver oval paw print charm

Regular sterling silver oval paw print charm


I already have my pet’s paw prints…

If you already have paw prints, I can create a special keepsake for you using those prints.  You will not need to part with your precious prints you can simply email a photo of them to me and then we can discuss what you would like created.  I have made a large number of very special pieces of jewellery for families who lost their pet and am proud to be able to offer a small comfort at an exceptionally sad time.  I will do my very best to accommodate all of your wishes when designing your special jewellery.


You’ll be surprised by the types of paw prints I can create silver jewellery from and you can read all about it in my blog.  Hopefully this will reassure you that whatever type of paw print you have from your pet, it’s highly likely I can capture their very special paw print in silver for you so you can keep them close forever.


Just perfect!

From start to finish any dealings I had with the lovely Lisa were polite, professional, efficient and empathetic. This made such a difference since I had lost my beloved dog way too young, and the items Lisa made for me were using his paw prints. The cuff links for my husband are absolutely gorgeous and made him cry. The charm for my bracelet is just beautiful and had the same effect on me. Thank you Lisa from the bottom of my heart. Memories to treasure forever. I will certainly be back!

TrustPilot review from Sue.  Read more reviews on TrustPilot.


If you would like to order and know what piece(s) of pet memorial jewellery you would like created please place your order for silver paw print jewellery on the website and I will take care of everything for you.


    • Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for getting in touch. Currently we don’t have any keepsakes created with pet’s ashes but we are going to be looking at developing a new range of jewellery in the New Year that will incorporate pet’s ashes. If you sign up to our email newsletter you can keep up to date with our latest news and we will let you know when we have the new jewellery ready and available to order. Best wishes, speak to you soon, Lisa

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