Plenty of websites now offer silver cat paw print and dog paw print jewellery. So how do you know Cheeky Little Prints is the right business to capture your pet’s unique paw print and create your special memories?


Here are a few reasons why pet parents choose Cheeky Little Prints:


  • Yes many websites do offer silver paw print jewellery but very few specialise specifically in silver cat paw print and dog paw print jewellery.  I am ideally positioned as a go-to expert in silver paw print jewellery and personalised paw print gifts, with over 13 years experience.


  • Cheeky Little Prints is not a big anonymous franchise. It is a small business, built from the ground up by me (Lisa Berry). I am involved from start to finish and am personally invested in every item you order and receive.


  • I now have over 13 years’ experience in crafting the jewellery, and have created a large variety of pieces. I design and create each piece, ensuring the quality is consistently high.


  • Though Cheeky Little Prints is a business, it’s also a labour of love. As a single mum of two beautiful boys, I want to capture my special memories and help you do the same. I wear my boys’ handprints – made using the same process I offer my customers – on my necklace everyday.  I also have Tiger’s precious paw print on my bangle, with me everyday as well.


Lisa, Ollie and Jake with Award

Lisa, Ollie and Jake with Award

  • In October 2020 I won an award for Excellence in Customer Care for the outstanding customer service I provide pet owners.  Here you can see me pictured with my 2 sons who inspire me every day.  Care and compassion are top priorities at Cheeky Little Prints so you can rest assured that you will be very well looked after.


  • I am also an animal lover and understand the unbreakable bond we have with our pets. Tiger, our gorgeous tabby cat, is with me wherever I go – her unique paw print captured in silver and worn everyday on my bangle, meaning the love and memories I share with Tiger are never lost.  The special paw print charm that I created when Tiger was a young kitten, that keeps me with her everyday became even more special on 9th April 2019 when we tragically lost Tiger without warning.  We really don’t know what is around the corner, so please don’t wait until your pet is old or poorly, capture your pet’s paw print today with an inkless paw print kit.  Tiger was only 4 and a half years old when she was suddenly taken from us :'(.


  • With a degree in Veterinary Nursing Science and practical training as a Veterinary Nurse, I know that capturing your pet’s prints needs to be a quick, simple process.  Therefore, my print taking kits are designed to be very easy to use.  There are occasions when it can be more challenging to get a paw print but there are ways around this and I am more than happy to help you get that purrrfect paw print!


Cat with cat paw print

Tiger with her paw prints


With all that said, I believe the best reason pet owners choose Cheeky Little Prints is simply that they love the jewellery and personalised gifts I create for them! The business has grown on word-of-mouth recommendations. My customers see beautiful, unique pieces of stunning jewellery and want to know where they came from. As the word spreads, the business goes from strength to strength. Please have a read through the reviews on TrustPilot from my customers and see how over the moon they are with the jewellery and personalised gifts I have created for them.


Amazing service, stunning jewellery!

From start to finish, Lisa created a memorable customer experience. She was knowledgeable, kind, friendly and helpful. My items were created with such care and expertise. I thoroughly recommend Lisa and Cheeky Little Prints. Beautiful items and superb service!

Review on TrustPilot by fellow pet parent Denise

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