Christmas kitten Image by KeyArt Pixabay

Purrrfect Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Christmas gifts for cat lovers Are you looking for purrrfect Christmas gifts for cat lovers?  Well we have been doing a little searching and have found some lovely gift ideas for your feline loving family and friends covering a range of budgets.   Nicky Chadwick Pet Portraits Having a portrait of your furbaby hand drawn…

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Dog Walking Tips

Dog walking tips for pet parents   Walking your dog is one of the best bits of owning a dog and we have put together a few dog walking tips so you get the most out of this important time with your furry friend!   You can have so much fun dog walking, either spending quality…

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dog at Christmas image by Sven Lachmann

Pawsome Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Pawsome Christmas Gifts for Dogs   We have been doing a bit of research to bring you a selection of pawsome Christmas gifts for dogs.  Christmas shopping is more challenging this year due to covid and the ever changing situation, so we thought you would find it really helpful if we searched out a few…

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Overweight cat Image by Andreas Almstedt from Pixabay

Pet Obesity – What You Need to Know

National Pet Obesity Day is Wednesday 14th October, a day to raise awareness of the dangers of pet obesity and highlight ways to help our pets lose weight and stay healthy.  The Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) have been conducting pet obesity reports since 2009.  The latest report in 2019 was based on speaking with…

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Cat Paws

Is your cat left or right pawed?

I learned a very interesting fact a little while ago and even tested it on Sammy and Luna and it is true! After a bit of research I have found there have been a few studies conducted on whether cats show a preference for their left or right paw and it turns out they do!…

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