Cute puppy with head on the tilt

Cute Puppy Names Popular In 2021

Cute Puppy Names Over the last couple of years especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, dog ownership has exploded!  We have seen a vast increase in the number of people and families welcoming a puppy into their home.  So with so many people on the look out for cute puppy names we thought we would list…

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Max the dog giving a paw up for our last minute gift ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Pet Owners

Life can be pretty hectic for most of us and those birthdays and special occasions come around so quickly every year don’t they!  Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy and last minute gift ideas can be particularly challenging if you are looking for something extra special and need it in a hurry.  Well fear…

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Taking paw prints

How to Take Amazing Paw Prints – Updated 2021

How To Take Amazing Paw Prints   Our pets mean the world to us, they are often referred to as our “furbabies”, something that non-pet owners don’t really ‘get’ or understand!  Pets are undoubtedly incredibly special and important family members, they are our best friends who are always there for us.   Given our pets…

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Silver Jewellery Frequently Asked Questions

At Cheeky Little Prints, we offer a variety of sterling silver jewellery designs. Here are some frequently asked questions about silver jewellery!   What metals are in sterling silver? Silver is often combined with harder metals such as copper to make it more sturdy and hardwearing, as pure silver is a soft metal and therefore…

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Wedding day photo with dog

How to involve your cats and dogs at weddings

Dogs At Weddings, What Do You Think?   Dogs at weddings are becoming increasingly popular.  Weddings are one of the happiest occasions you will attend, likely with lots of your family and friends, all smiles and happiness for the special couple.  However, there may be a few family members missing from this happy day.  What…

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Tiger sleeping, breaks my heart

This breaks my heart :'(

This breaks my heart every time I see it happen Part of the family I want to talk to you today about something that is happening more and more at the moment and it breaks my heart every time I see it.  I keep seeing lots of Facebook posts from pet owners who are incredibly…

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