Regular sterling silver oval paw print charm

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Furmums

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we have put together some lovely gift ideas especially for furmums 🙂   Furmums are pawsome! Mums are amazing full stop.  Whether you are a mum to human children or four-legged furchildren, you are doing a fantastic job, and lets face it, it’s a hard job to do!  Organising…

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FAQ about silver jewellery

At Cheeky Little Prints, we offer a variety of sterling silver jewellery designs. Here are some frequently asked questions about silver jewellery! What metals are in sterling silver? Silver is often combined with harder metals such as copper to make it more sturdy, as pure silver is a soft metal and therefore not as durable.…

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Wedding day photo with dog

How to involve your pet in your wedding

Weddings are one of the happiest occasions you will attend, likely with lots of your family and friends, all smiles and happiness for the special couple.  However, there may be a few family members missing from this happy day.  What about your pets?  Sometimes it is possible to include your pets in your wedding, there…

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How to celebrate your pet’s birthday in style

Our furry friends are a big part of the family so, just like us, they deserve their own birthday celebration! The way you show love for your pet varies from person to person, so here are a few ideas on how to celebrate your pet’s birthday. Birthday party This idea works best for dogs! Get…

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Figaro black and white cat

Paw prints in the snow

Are you an animal lover?  If so grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee or whatever you love to drink and sit down for this emotional story that will make you laugh, cry, break your heart and then somehow mend your heart. A kitten with character! I’d like you to meet Figaro or Figgy…

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