Caring for your paw print keepsakes

We are delighted you have captured your furbaby’s paw prints and understand caring for your paw print keepsakes is very important so here is some helpful information.


Caring for your silver personalised paw print jewellery

As with all jewellery, it is advisable to remove it when using household cleaning products as these harsh chemicals can mark the sterling silver. The best way to clean your paw print jewellery is to use an impregnated polishing cloth to rub over the silver. However, make sure you avoid polishing the paw print or paw pad print area as this will remove the antiquing.  When you order silver paw print jewellery from Cheeky Little Prints we provide you with a polishing cloth so you can keep your stunning keepsake shining bright.  Liquid silver cleaners should also be avoided, as these will remove the antiquing and change the appearance of the silver.


Stunning grey and silver jewellery packaging and polishing cloth to help care for your jewellery

Stunning grey and silver jewellery packaging and polishing cloth to help you care for your jewellery and keep it shining bright


If you wear your jewellery on a daily basis, or it comes into contact with other metals (e.g. keys), it is likely to scratch and show signs of wear, and detail may fade.  This is normal and to be expected.  You are advised to regularly check all jewellery findings and fittings (e.g. chain and bracelet clasps, jump rings, cufflinks and key rings) to ensure they have not been subjected to wear and tear.  If you feel any of your jump rings or clasps need some attention or tightening, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.


Caring for your personalised paw print stamp

Each stamp is handmade and you may notice slight differences or variations in wood colour.  These slight variations all add to the charming character of your keepsake and help make it totally unique.  You can use your personalised stamp with ink pads of different colours to add variety and fun to your stamping 🙂  If you would like to clean your stamp you can either wipe it with a damp cloth or use a little bit of water and soap/washing up liquid and a soft scrubbing brush, but they shouldn’t need cleaning very often.  Take care not to get the stamp very wet as the label may get wet and soggy!


Paw print stamp inside Christmas card

Paw print stamp inside Christmas card


Caring for personalised mugs

Your ultra white ceramic 10oz mug has a dishwasher safe premium coating.  Bright white in colour with a high gloss finish.  Your mug is dishwasher resistant up to 800 wash cycles at 45ºC.


Personalised photo mug with your pet's unique paw print

Personalised photo mug with your pet’s unique paw print

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