Silver Heart Stud Earrings with Pet Fur or Cremation Ashes


Keep your pet with you forever by having a little of their precious fur or cremation ashes carefully encased in beautifully dainty heart stud earrings.


Proudly introducing our brand new silver jewellery collection encasing your pet’s fur or cremation ashes in resin.  These beautiful sterling silver heart earrings are carefully created with layers of resin encasing your pet’s fur or precious cremation ashes.  When you place your order you will be sent a little kit so you can place your pet’s fur or cremation ashes into a small pot labelled with your furbaby’s name that you can return to us ready for your special jewellery to be created.


Due to their dainty size and the ear post on the back it is not possible to engrave these heart stud earrings.


FREE kit so you can safely send us your pet’s fur or cremation ashes

FREE stylish gift box and bag

FREE jewellery polishing cloth

FREE UK delivery

Kits are despatched in 3 – 4 days

Jewellery is despatched in 21 days


Christmas Order Deadline 2022 – Your order must be paid for in full and I need to have your pet’s paw prints, paw pad prints, fur or cremation ashes by 2nd December 2022 in order to ensure you have your order in time for Christmas.  Orders placed or prints/fur/cremation ashes received after this date may not be ready in time for Christmas.

I am the pet owner *

Please tick the box if you are the pet owner and consent to your pet’s fur or cremation ashes being included in your jewellery.

Resin colour *


Beautiful pair of silver heart stud earrings encasing your pet’s precious fur or cremation ashes in resin with the hearts measuring 11mm x 8mm.


To create these dainty earrings we will only need a small sample of your pet’s fur or less than half a tea spoon of cremation ashes.  Your pet’s fur will be cut to size to fit into the heart shaped areas.  When sending cremation ashes we find it is best to use the fine powder rather than bigger pieces to create your jewellery.  We understand this is a very difficult time for you so if you are unsure about anything please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.


Please note cremation ashes can range in their colour and appearance so the photos on this website are examples of what your finished jewellery may look like, some ashes are darker and some are lighter in colour, and this is perfectly normal.  Any unused pet fur or ashes will be returned to you with your finished jewellery.


Only one item of jewellery is created at a time in a clean work space to ensure each special piece of jewellery is given the utmost love, care and respect.

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